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If you are a drone victim or a military veteran who worked in the drone program and want to share your story privately, you can contact the director Sonia Kennebeck (PGP available).
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Help for Drone Victims & Veterans
For drone victims, there are international and regional organizations that provide medical, psychological and legal help for war victims. Please contact us and we will guide you to an organization active in your region.

For veterans, the National Center for PTSD website provides emergency and non-emergency resources for military veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and moral injury, including 24/7 phone numbers for people in need of conversation and counseling, including the opportunity to talk to other veterans.

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For North American non-educational screenings, please contact FilmRise. For educational screenings, please contact Ro*Co Educational. For international screenings, please contact Ro*Co International. To invite the director for speaking engagements, please contact Ten Forward Films.
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Support the Characters
Please feel free to send us messages of support for the characters in the United States and Afghanistan, who have shared their lives and stories with us. We will forward and/or publish them, unless specified otherwise.
Support a Cause
Support Afghans4Tomorrow, a registered non-profit, non-political, humanitarian organization in Afghanistan. You may also specify that your donation should support the families interviewed in film, the survivors of the February 21, 2010 attack, by giving the project designation “Daikundi Families”.
Support WHISPeR, the Whistleblower and Source Protection Program at the journalistic non-profit organization ExposeFacts, which provides legal representation to whistleblowers and media sources in the national security and human rights arena.
Support International Committee of the Red Cross, which funds the Orthopaedic Center Ali Abad in Kabul. The ICRC Orthopedic Center provides free care and prostheses to men, women and children in need and most people on the staff are former patients.
This is only a very small selection of organizations supporting victims of war and whistleblowers. The non-governmental organizations (NGOs) above are non-partisan. There are many other non-profit NGOs that provide valuable help and support to war victims, veterans, and whistleblowers, some of them are also political advocacy groups, such as Iraq Veterans Against the War and Code Pink.